Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes

    A second Iraq war  has suffered serious injuries after having problems with the  police and Occupy movement protesters in Oakland. Thousands of protesters went to the protest in Oakland on Wednesday, blockading Oakland's port. Two protestors, Kayvan Sabehgi, and  Scott Olsen were beaten, both were hospitalized with severe fractures. The cop  used teargas and non-lethal projectiles to drive back protesters which only caused pain and sorrow.  Apparently the Occupy supporters wanted to shut down the city of Oakland therefore the police got mad and wanted to prevent that situation.  Sabehgi was part of the army in 2007 and he said that,  one police moved forward and hit him in his arm and legs and back with his baton. Then four cops tackled him and arrested him. Sabehgi was only a victim, in the article he states that he was really far away from the protest but later on the police came to him just to hit him and arrest him. Sabehgi had to suffer some symptoms like diarrhea, vomit, headache, couldn't walk only crawl.  Sabehgi felt terrible because of the occupy protestors and the police who ruined his life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

How 9/11 Has Changed the World

How 9/11 Has Changed the World, Stanford Oberservers Comment

In the article How 9/11 has change the world, yes apparently the world has changed affecting many lives and territories as Ali Yaycioglu an assistant professor of history; states, the main impact of 9/11 is the consolidation of a conviction that the world is divided by the Western, Islamic, Hindu and East Asian civilizations and there are inherent tensions or clashes among them. On the other hand, 9/11was committed by the terrorists, Ali Yaycioglu concludes. Another interviewer Amy Zegart, expert on intelligence and security; states, that So long as FBI analysts are treated like second-class citizens, Americans will get second-class security. These three factors diversification of the terrorist threat, the potential to combine destructive motives with devastating weapons and the FBI’s continued weaknesses suggest that the future may not be any safer than the past. The 9/11 not affected territories  and people, but also left fear, a unprotected environment, and suffering. iraq has change were violence and terror are affecting  many lives.  The most powerful weapons to destroy not only a nation but the whole world which is not safe at all because only one decision could make a big difference.